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Grandmothers for Peace International is composed of volunteers from all over the globe.

One does not have to be a biological grandmother to join or even be a certain age! Just share our philosophy of making the world a better place for this and future generations. Membership is open to all. We even have a Men's Auxiliary!

We are grassroots activists and encourage others to become as actively involved as their health and time permit. Join our efforts to address the issues of violence and injustice that continue to plague our planet and the human family. The abolition of nuclear weapons and all weapons of mass destruction remain a top priority.

We believe it is imperative to foster in the next generation of world leaders the principles of non-violence and responsibility for their community and the world. We welcome the “stay at home” grandparents who care for and guide their grandchildren in these principles.

Membership dues and donations from supporters are the “life blood” of our organization. We have no corporate sponsorship. All monies go directly to our work. Publishing and mailing our International Newsletter, plus other informational materials remain our biggest expense. Our Scholarship Program and humanitarian efforts are made possible through fund-raising appeal letters. Every cent goes directly to the purpose of the donation. The generosity of our members and supporters has kept our work alive since our founding in 1982!

Before her passing in 2001, Barbara asked Lorraine Krofchok to continue the vision of GFP. Lorraine says: “I did not take over, I am taking care of a beloved organization. As we move into the 21st century, our challenges increase. Now, more than ever, we need each other! Remember, ‘Silence is affirmation ...’”

Please join us — by your membership or a donation — you will be making a very wise investment with tremendous dividends. The greatest legacy we could leave our families would be a safer, saner world!

Please send questions, comments, and news items to Lorraine Krofchok
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